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We Offer Free English Language Literacy Classes

Our English Language Literacy classes focus on conversational skills and the ability to survive in the community without language being a barrier. We do this by expanding vocabulary, working on pronunciation , and helping students with listening and speaking skills. Most of the students can read and write in English, so while we may do a little of those things, we primarily work on listening and speaking.

The in-person classes on Mondays is for students needing some extra help. It’s a mixed level class, though mostly beginner to intermediate.

We always have a pronunciation focus for specific sounds before we go into the conversational skills part of the class (which is the bulk of the class). We talk about common expressions/questions that Americans use in daily conversation. Our instructors model the lesson and then students practice speaking with each other, using what they have learned.

We offer ZOOM classes in the same format.

Countries that are represented in the class that meets in-person include: China, Colombia, Cuba, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, Additionally, our ZOOM classes include students from the same countries and these as well: Ecuador, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Nepal, Poland and South Korea.

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