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The Bridges to Prosperity program is a three-part program that views poverty from a personal and societal perspective. The pillars of the program consist of teaching financial fitness, sharing insight on getting ahead and staying on track, and matching graduates with community allies to work toward their goals.


We work with each client individually to create a spending plan and build smart financial habits to help achieve their goals and overcome their obstacles, all while offering education on the cycle of poverty and its impact on communities.


  • Part 1: Financial Fitness
    This four-week course is designed to help people find extra dollars every month to save, create a spending plan, and avoid falling into money and credit traps. 

  • Part 2: Getting Ahead in a “Just Getting By” World
    This 15-week course digs deeper into the causes of poverty and its impacts on the community and the individual. We work with the client to establish objectives and goals to help them become self-sufficient. 

  • Part 3: Community Allies
    This portion of the program involves matching the graduates up with community Allies to work together toward the goals set out in part 2.

For more information, contact Rev. James Dixon
at 352-372-0294, ext. 434 or

Happy Man

* photo and name changed for privacy


“I want to thank you again for the financial education series you conducted in Chiefland. It has really helped to kick start my wife and I to put plans in place to correct our credit issues. Since the meeting, I have consolidated all my student loans into a federal program which has taken all my loans out of default and brought them current with a better interest rate and payment I can afford. We learned a great deal about our credit cards and have taken care of small outstanding debts that were hurting us. Not only have we become more financially mindful, we were able to take the examples given to us and provide help to our grown children in dealing with some of their own financial issues. Your program was a blessing to my family and if you ever conduct an “advanced class” like you said in class. We would love to be a part of it. I would like to know more about ways to become financially independent and preparing for retirement. Thank you again.”



Benefited from our Bridges to Prosperity
poverty reduction program

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