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Make an impact that lasts a lifetime

The new school year is right around the corner. Did you know that there are countless children in our community who go hungry over the weekends when school meals are not available? Our Weekend Hunger Backpack program aims to provide nutritious meals to these vulnerable children so they can have a better chance to thrive and succeed in life. Through this program, we offer weekend backpacks filled with essential food items to bridge the gap until they return to school on Monday. You can directly impact the lives of these children and provide them with the sustenance they need to focus on their studies and experience the joys of childhood without the burden of hunger.

Here's how you can help: 1.Volunteer- Dedicate some of your time to pack backpacks or distribute them to local schools. 2. Donate- Your generous contribution will go directly toward purchasing food supplies for the backpacks. 3. Spread the Word- Share this post with your friends, family, and colleagues to raise awareness about childhood hunger and the solutions we offer. Thank you!

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