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A Message From Our Regional Director

It is a pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Denise Fanning, I am originally from Texas and have lived in the Gainesville community since 2008. I joined Catholic Charities during a unique time for everyone, 2020, as the Emergency Assistance Director. It was a blessing to step into the Regional Director position a year and half later and having the opportunity to know our Board of Directors better. Although I have worked within the nonprofit community in the past, it is over joyful to learn of how much Catholic Charities does for the communities it serves with the many different programs we house.

This year has been busy year, staff returning to the office full time and hosting events in person have afforded me the opportunity to meet, not only all the staff and the members of our board, but many more of our volunteers and community members whom we serve. This year I was able to experience many firsts, first Volunteer Luncheon, first Gala, and first Adoption Picnic. I witnessed how the staff, board, and volunteers all come together to make everything run smoothly.

I am looking forward to continuing the amazing work the staff, board, volunteers have started before. There is much to learn and, thankfully, I have plenty of experience to guide me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Denise G. Fanning

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