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A Baby For Christmas

Christmas is a time of miracles and we are grateful for the opportunity to share a very special story from one of our C

aring Choices families.

Since I was a child, I always wanted a baby sister, because I have two brothers and I asked my mom to adopt a girl. She always told me: “when you grow up you are the one who is going to adopt a girl.

I met my husband in 2005, we got married on July 7, 2007. In 2017 hurricane María hit Puerto Rico and we decided to move to Florida. It was not until May 2020, in the midst of Covid chaos that we started the adoption process. It was a time of uncertainty and despair worldwide and for us even disappointment due to the delayed process. When we had lost hope, God gave us the long-awaited surprise. After more than 14 years of waiting, the big day arrived.

On December 24th, 2021, we received the call that changed our lives forever. The most desired gift of our hearts arrived. What we prayed and hoped for all this time, our little girl. She arrived at the perfect time with all the preparations for Christmas. The best gift God could ever give us.

A week before she arrived, my best friend’s daughter asked her: “mom, does auntie have a baby girl?” Also, my cousin called me and told me: “I had a dream where you were holding a baby girl.” We didn’t have a specification about the baby being a boy or a girl, but God prepared the road. For us, it was the most beautiful surprise that someone can receive.

We still cannot believe that she arrived on Christmas Eve and we had her at home by Christmas. Our miracle, Melody Hope. She is more than we asked for. When we saw her, we immediately knew she was our daughter.

As soon as she got home, the house was filled with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who also waited for her during all these years. Everyone who sees her says in amazement: “wow she looks like you.” God does things perfectly and so it has been with her.

This year has been one full of beautiful changes in our home: our family dynamics, our routines, the day by day, everything has changed, but we can say they are the best changes we have experienced and for which we have prayed. It is an answered prayer.

Melody is loving, sweet, playful, and hyper, she loves to dance and sing, and she loves music. She has a great personality and a unique smile that melts us every day. The way she looks at us and her kisses provoke the best feelings in the world. We have no words to describe the great love that can be born in one, towards a little person who comes as a surprise to your life. She has the whole family madly in love with her. She is the greatest blessing to us and a life lesson for the whole family due to the way she came into our life.

It's been almost a year since that day, and we are getting ready to celebrate with all our family and friends. Thanks to God and Catholic Charities (Geralyn and Nan) because without you we wouldn’t have received our beautiful blessing. God bless you. Please continue to fill the hearts with joy, of those families, like ours, that were missing the piece to complete their happiness.

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